veZLK (Lock & Vote)


Locking is mainly for converting ZLK into veZLK to participate in voting and boost rewards. You can also extend the lock duration. Follow these steps to lock ZLK into veZLK:

  1. Visit and click the Lock button in the upper right corner.

  1. Enter the amount of ZLK you want to lock and choose the lock duration.

  1. Verify the information, click "Approve ZLK," and sign in your wallet.

  1. After approval, click the Confirm button again and sign in your wallet to confirm and submit your transaction.

You have successfully locked ZLK and will receive the corresponding amount of veZLK. The value of veZLK will decrease over time, dropping to zero once the lock period ends, at which point your staked ZLK will unlock. Only unlocked ZLK can be redeemed to your wallet using the Redeem function on the right. To increase your veZLK value, you can choose to extend the lock duration or increase the lock amount.

If the amount you locked meets the requirements for boosting rewards, you can proceed to add liquidity (automatically triggering reward boosts). If you added liquidity first and then locked ZLK to obtain veZLK, you will need to manually trigger the reward boost. More details will be provided in the Boost Rewards section.

Vote (Incentive Channeling)

After locking ZLK to obtain veZLK, you can use veZLK to vote for liquidity pools, directing protocol incentives to the desired pools, and thus participating in protocol governance. You can view and cast your veZLK votes from this page.

  1. Visit and click the Vote button.

  1. Select the pool you want to vote for and enter the proportion of veZLK you want to vote with on the right side. (You can allocate any unused veZLK voting shares to any pool, and the top left corner will display your unused veZLK voting shares in real-time.)

  1. Confirm the information, click the "Update" button, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

You have now completed the incentive direction voting for the liquidity pool. The more votes a pool receives, the more ZLK incentives it will obtain. You can return to this page at any time to use your unused veZLK voting shares to vote for the pools you want to direct incentives to.

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