Zenlink has been aggressively shipping products for a long time, but community growth and marketing are also essential to the development of the project, and we still have a lot to live up to in that area, so we thought now would be a good time to seek like-minded people to join us and build web3 with us.

Zenlink is the first native cross-chain DEX protocol on Polkadot, enabling all parachains to build DEX and share liquidity in one click by building the ultimate, open, and universal Zenlink DEX protocol (Module, WASM, and EVM implementations).

Zenlink aims to be the DEX gateway to the web3 world by bringing the fragmented liquidity and interactions between each parachain in one fully integrated UI. Learn more: https://www.zenlink.pro/

Who we are looking for?

#1 Lead Community Manager/User Growth (Full-time, remote available)

About the Role

  • Manage the Zenlink community and ambassadors, plan and coordinate with ambassadors to accomplish community work, and represent the project at various online/offline events held by the community to grow the community and product users

  • Be the brand's voice for communication on social media, engaging in mentions on Twitter, as the owner and final touchpoint of any content that reaches a Zenlink social channel

  • Work with marketing and product to ensure coordination around ideas and communication to the community

  • Be the major contributor to Zenlink community content and social channels, actively producing and promoting high quality short/long-form content to increase community awareness of Zenlink and maintain community activity

  • Be the bridge between the community and the team, be able to understand the community trends and needs in a timely manner, propose solutions based on the actual situation, and maintain good community relations


  • Excellent communication and self-driven with a proven ability to manage large communities and make them successful

  • Excellent writing skills, fluent in English and other languages

  • In-depth understanding of crypto-consumers and what motivates them online, knowledge of social media promotion skills, and the ability to develop operational strategies based on demand

  • Community management experience, a deep understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, and familiarity with the Polkadot ecosystem is the best (a plus)

#2 Head of Marketing (Full-time, remote available)

About the Role

  • Responsible for the overall marketing of the project, developing and implementing marketing plans for partners, communities, and users to expand the audience and brand influence of the entire project

  • Lead research and implementation of ads and sponsorships across social networks, search, podcasts, newsletters, and other channels

  • Work with product and technical leaders to plan and execute the go-to-market strategy for new products, features, enhancements, and new partnerships by forming the positioning, messaging, and value proposition

  • Actively develop promotion channels, promote products through social media, professional forums, etc., and participate in various online/offline activities on behalf of the project

  • Build strong relationships with partners/communities and seek additional partners for projects to increase adoption of Zenlink DEX Protocol


  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, strong self-driven

  • Three or more years of experience working in marketing solutions, partner channels, or customer relationship management

  • Excellent writing skills, fluent in English and other languages

  • Deep understanding of network culture, good at catching marketing hotspots, and keeping track of the cutting edge/trends in blockchain and cryptocurrency (a plus)

What you can get?

  • Competitive stipend

  • Full transparency and insight into how DeFi project operates

  • Distribution for your work

  • Introductions to anyone in our network

  • Incubation for becoming an influencer in CT

How to apply?

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send an email containing your background and Telegram/Discord ID to apollo@zenlink.pro.

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