Referral Program

To encourage users to use and benefit from the Zenlink Mega Aggregator, we have introduced a referral program where the inviter will receive a rebate on transactions from the invitee and the invitee will receive a discount on transaction fees. In addition, we offer an additional discount for ZLK holders that does not conflict with the referral program and can be stacked on top of it. Details are as follows:

  1. The referral program runs through the smart contract, the binding relationship between the inviter and the invitee, and the calculation of discounts and rebates are all calculated through the smart contract.

  2. The referral program has only two levels of binding relationship, for example, if A invites B and B invites C, then C's transaction will only create rebates for B and has no relationship with A.

  3. The referral program is only valid for aggregator trades, which means that if you turn off the aggregator switch in DEX there will be no fee discounts or rebates.

Get fee discounts or earn rebates

For Traders: Registering with someone else's referral code will result in a 20% discount on the transaction fee (e.g. based on a base fee of 0.1%, the actual fee for a transaction with a referral code is 0.08%)

For Affiliates (Affiliates or inviters): Generate your own exclusive referral code and provide the referral code for others to sign up, then 25% of the invitee's transaction fee will be rebated to the affiliate/inviter.

For example, if the base transaction fee is 0.1% and the invitee fills in the exclusive referral code of the affiliate/inviter before the trade, then his actual transaction fee is 0.08% and 25% of it will be rebated to the affiliate/inviter, i.e. 0.02% of the invitee's transaction fee (0.08%*25%=0.02%) will be rebated to the affiliate/inviter.

Additional fee discount for ZLK holders

The community has always been our driving force, so in addition to the referral program, we have added an additional fee discount for our loyal ZLK holders that is not in conflict with the referral program and can be stacked on top of the referral program to get the maximum discount, with the following rules:

The discount is divided into a total of 8 tiers and is calculated based on the amount of ZLK assets held in the account.

TierPosition SizeDiscount


ZLK = 0



0 < ZLK < 5000



5000 ≤ ZLK < 30000



30000 ≤ ZLK < 60000



60000 ≤ ZLK < 100000



100000 ≤ ZLK < 150000



150000 ≤ ZLK < 300000



ZLK ≤ 300000


When you connect to a wallet account, the DApp will read the ZLK balance in that account and show you which tier you are at and add a blue check ✅ mark to that tier.

Taking the account discount tier in the screenshot above as an example, assuming the account fills out a referral code to register before trading, he will get a 20% discount on transaction fees, and since the account holds ZLK tokens and is at tier 1, it will get an additional 3% discount, which ultimately gives it a 23% discount on transaction fees, and with a 0.1% base transaction fee, it actually pays transaction fee of 0.077% [0.1% - 0.1% * (20% + 3%)].

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