Invite to Earn (Suspended)

Invite to Earn

Description & Rules

Zenlink will have an "invite to earn" mechanism, invite your friends to trade in Zenlink DEX and you will be rewarded with ZLK tokens. Below are the specific rules of the invitation mechanism.

Invite to Earn Incentive Period: One-monthly cycle

Invite to earn incentives: 10% of transaction fee revenue (regular cycle)

Reward calculation rules: The calculation of the invitation reward will follow the following formula.

l_ indicates the total incentives in the period

myScore_ Indicates invitation score. If an invitee enters DEX through the invitation link (or invitation code) and successfully completes a transaction greater than $10, both the inviter and the invitee will each earn 1 score (up to a maximum of 1000 points). Thereafter, the invitee must make a single transaction greater than $1000 to contribute score to the inviter, and each $1000 will earn 1 score, up to a maximum of 100 score in a day.


  • The invitation mechanism is a long-term process, so the total score in the user's account will not be cleared but will continue to accumulate, and at the end of each period only the accumulated score during the period will be used to calculate the reward. The regular period prize pool will always be 10% of the transaction fee income.

  • Invitation rewards will be unified as stablecoin rewards, and users will first see their estimated rewards in USD in the DApp interface, which will be converted into the equivalent value of stablecoin rewards to users when rewards are finally issued or claimed.

  • Invitation rewards will be issued in two ways depending on the account system, user-initiated claiming of rewards and automatic sending to the user's wallet.

    • Zenlink DEX deployed on Bifrost uses the PolkadotJS account system, where invitation rewards are sent directly to the user's account with no additional action required by the user.

    • Zenlink DEX deployed on Moonriver uses the MetaMask account system, and users must actively claim rewards.


Step 1: Enter Zenlink DEX DApp and click the sharing icon in the upper right corner after successfully connecting to your wallet.

Step 2: Click the two buttons next to "My invitation code" below, and you can copy your invitation code or invitation link respectively (depending on your communication needs).

It should be noted that if you enter Zenlink DEX DApp through an invitation link sent to you by someone else, you will first see the invitation interface and the invitation code you are going to bind has been parsed in the "Referral" input box, you need to click the "Confirm" button on the right to complete the invitation relationship binding. Similarly, the same is true for others to enter through your invitation link.

You are free to choose whether or not to enter the invitation code in the input box, but you still need to click the "Confirm" button on the right to complete the invitation relationship binding.

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