IYO refers to Initial Yield Offering, which is designed to complete the initial issuance of tokens by launching yield campaigns and opening token transfers and circulation when relevant targets are met.

The Zenlink team designed the IYO issuance method with the following considerations in mind.

“Fair Launch”

As you can see, Zenlink has released Tokenomics, and according to tokenomics, 50% of the total supply of ZLK tokens will be distributed to the community. However, Zenlink does not intend to make public sales, but rather distribute the majority of tokens through liquidity mining, trading mining, staking, and other activities that we collectively refer to as “yield”.

So the obvious result is that when ZLK goes live, the community users will only have a small percentage of the airdrops earned through participation in the event. Users will need to participate in yield campaigns to earn more tokens and achieve a relative balance between the community and the investment institutions when ZLK was listed.

IYO will be able to achieve this by allowing the community users to have enough time to earn more tokens by participating in yield campaigns. Although this is not a full fair launch, it still gets the team and the community as close as possible to what they want to achieve.

PS: there is a cliff period for all the investment institutions backing Zenlink, including the Zenlink team (Team share is not unlocked for the first 2 months of ZLK launch).

Price Protection

As with many IPOs of large companies, good financial statements will support the price. IYO will help Zenlink to develop good financial metrics such as TVL, trading volume, etc.

This will enable ZLK to obtain a fairer market price for continued healthy growth and fewer people will take losses due to dramatic price fluctuations.

Overall, the Zenlink team is committed to building a valuable product and a fairer way to issue tokens, hoping that IYO will benefit more users in the community.

The Zenlink team will consider TVL (Total Locked Value), trading volume, Pool Locked Value, number of token holders, and other dimensions to design the specific metrics to enable ZLK transfers in IYO.

IYO has officially ended on November 25, 2020 with the opening of the ZLK transfer. Users can still participate in Liquidity Mining, Trading Mining, Bootstrap and more, more details below.

Trading Mining

Description & Rules

In order to motivate more users to trade on Zenlink DEX, trading mining will continue as a long-term activity.

Zenlink encourages users to be rewarded with real trading, not trading bots!

Trading Mining Incentive Scope: All Zenlink DEX supported trading pairs are covered by the trade mining incentive. Only transactions with >200 USD equivalent will be counted towards the incentive for trading mining.

Trading Mining Incentive Period: One-monthly cycle

Total Trading Mining Incentives: The rewards are not fixed for each cycle and you can check the current cycle's rewards by checking "Total Rewards" at https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/trading

Reward Calculation: The calculation formula for trading mining is as follows:


d_ weight value of the ZLK holdings, see the table below for details

r_ trading pair weight value, see the table below for details

m_ indicates the total incentives in the period

tradingVolume_ indicates the amount of a single trade, denominated in stablecoins

Note: tradingVolume does not count all transactions. Every 5 minutes will be a statistical period, for each address, only the one with the highest transaction volume within 5 minutes will be counted, the rest of the transactions will not be counted. If there are multiple transactions with the same maximum value at the same address within 5 minutes, only one transaction will be counted. For example: If address A has 3 transactions in 5 minutes, 100 USDT, 1,000 USDT, and 10,000 USDT respectively, then its tradingVolume is 10,000 USDT and tradingContributionValue is 100 in these 5 minutes. Similarly, if address B has 2 transactions in 5 minutes, 5,000 USDT, and 50,000 USDT respectively, then its tradingVolume is 50,000 USDT and tradingContributionValue is 223.61 in these 5 minutes

Rewards Claim: Rewards can be claimed once every month. Once a reward claim is available, users can manually claim the ZLK earned in the “Earn” section in Zenlink DEX.


Step 1: Since all the trading pairs supported by Zenlink DEX are within the incentive plan of trading mining, you can choose any supported trading pair to Swap based on your existing assets.

According to the rules, within 5 minutes, only the largest transaction volume at each address will be counted, and the rest of the transactions will not be included. If there are multiple transactions with the same maximum value at the same address within 5 minutes, only one transaction will be taken.

Step 2: View the estimated rewards for transaction mining and Claim awards in the "Earn" interface in Zenlink DEX.

It is important to note that the transaction mining reward can be claimed every 2 weeks, so the "Claim" button will not be available before the time expires, you can refer to the countdown on the page to estimate the claiming time of the award.

Liquidity Mining & Staking

Description & Rules

Liquidity is a key part of a DEX, so we will introduce Liquidity Mining & Staking for earning ZLK tokens. To participate in Liquidity Mining, users need to add liquidity to a specified Pool to get LP Tokens and add LP Tokens to the Staking program. Of course, Zenlink also offers Single Token Staking, where users can place specified Tokens into the Staking program to earn ZLK rewards.

Liquidity Mining & Staking has completed the upgrade from Zenlink Farming v1 to Zenlink Farming v2.

About Zenlink Farming v2

Compared to Farming v1, Farming v2 has the following main changes and features:

  • Farming v2 uses only one long-term contract to manage and run all farming pools, users no longer need to redeem staking tokens after a period of time and re-stake in new farming pools, once you have staked tokens you will continue to earn rewards until the rewards in the pool are fully released or you actively redeem your tokens.

  • Stake tokens must be ERC20 tokens, which can be LP Tokens or single tokens (ZLK, WMOVR, etc.). For a given stake token, multiple farming pools can be created with one or more reward tokens and different “reward release rates” (the “reward release rate” is x rewards token per block).

  • All farming pools will have a “minimum rewards claimable interval”, which is uniform for all, and each account can claim rewards only once in each interval, users can refer to the countdown displayed on the Zenlink DEX frontend to get the next claimable reward time.

  • The release of rewards has been changed to release rewards by blocks, and the total amount of rewards contained in each block can be roughly calculated by the daily total of rewards displayed on the Zenlink DEX front-end page.

Liquidity Mining Incentive Scope: You can check all active farming pools at https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake

All farming pools previously deployed with Zenlink Farming v1 have a cycle and ended farming pools can be checked by toggling "Ended" on this page.

Liquidity Mining & Staking Incentive Period: Long-term

Total Liquidity Mining & Staking Incentives: Each Farming pool has different rewards and you can check the details of each farming pool's rewards at https://dex.zenlink.pro/#/earn/stake

Reward Calculation: The actual rewards users can earn in each block are related to their pledged token shares, i.e.:

actual rewards users can earn per block = (number of users staked tokens / total number of staked tokens) * reward release rate

Rewards Claim: Users can claim rewards once in each reward interval, please refer to the countdown displayed on the front end of Zenlink DEX for the specific time to claim rewards.


Step 1: Click "Earn" on the left side of the screen to enter the Staking page, where you can see which trading pairs or Token Staking activities are in the active state.

Step 2: Select the trading pair or Token you want to participate in liquidity mining and click "More" on the right. Then click "+ Add Liquidity" below, first add liquidity and get LP, you can see how to add liquidity here.

Step 3: After successfully adding liquidity and obtaining LP, return to the interface and click "Stake" to enter the amount of LP you want to Stake, and sign your wallet to submit the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, you will successfully participate in the liquidity mining of the transaction pair and will be rewarded.

Note: For Zenlink DEX deployed on Moonriver, you can view your estimated rewards on the left side of this page, and you can claim rewards once in each reward interval, please refer to the countdown displayed on the front end of Zenlink DEX for the specific time to claim rewards.

However, Zenlink DEX deployed on Bifrost will be different, as the rewards you have earned will be sent to your account when you trigger the Redeem or Stake or Claim function.

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