Mega Aggregator

Aggregate The World

Zenlink Mega Aggregator is designed to help users achieve optimal trading results across multiple chains and exchanges by combining off-chain computing and on-chain smart contracts.

To further enhance the user experience, the Mega Aggregator will be integrated into Zenlink DEX, and users can choose whether to turn on the aggregator switch in the settings in the UI interface.

Zenlink Mega Aggregator helps users get the best trading price while offering low transaction fees, with the base fee set at 0.1%.

Please note that since trading with Zenlink Mega Aggregator usually involves multiple DEXs, the 0.1% base transaction fee is in addition to the transaction fee set by the DEX involved.

Astar Integration

The Mega Aggregator will first be available on the Astar network, and the integrated DEXs including:

Moonbeam Integration

The Zenlink Mega Aggregator is now live on the Moonbeam network, offering seamless integration with:

Arbitrum Integration

As part of the ecological expansion, the Zenlink Mega Aggregator has been deployed to Arbitrum and is now live on Arbitrum. Our advanced smart order routing has been integrated with many excellent DEXs on Arbitrum, including:

The Zenlink Mega Aggregator on Arbitrum follows the same base fee and referral program rules, but since ZLK is not distributed on the Arbitrum network, the additional fee discounts for ZLK holders will not apply.

This is our first expansion outside of the Polkadot ecosystem, and we will be collecting user feedback and providing guidance for future expansion plans, so feel free to send us any feedback or suggestions.

In the next section, we will introduce the aggregator's referral program.

Referral Program

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