Zenlink Development Kit

One-Click Integration of Zenlink DEX Protocol via ZDK

The Zenlink Development Kit (ZDK) is a development kit for the Zenlink DEX protocol, designed to provide developers with a set of components and APIs to help them quickly build applications based on the Zenlink DEX protocol.


The ZDK contains the following components:


  • `@zenlink-interface/chain`: Chain configuration related

  • `@zenlink-interface/compat`: Compatibility layer for different chain implementations

  • `@zenlink-interface/currency`: Token types and configuration

  • `@zenlink-interface/amm`: Basic protocol operation calculation, including basic routing, various types of pools

  • `@zenlink-interface/format`: Data format conversion

  • `@zenlink-interface/graph-client`: Data index to obtain data

  • `@zenlink-interface/hooks`: Front-end hooks related

  • `@zenlink-interface/math`: Mathematical calculation

  • `@zenlink-interface/eslint-config`: Front-end eslint configuration

  • `@zenlink-interface/typescript-config`: Front-end TypeScript configuration

  • `@zenlink-interface/redux-token-lists`: Front-end token list redux module

  • `@zenlink-interface/shared`: Common library

  • `@zenlink-interface/polkadot`: Polkadot basic library

  • `@zenlink-interface/parachains-impl`: Parachain-related implementation, take Bifrost as an example

  • `@zenlink-interface/token-lists`: Token list configuration

  • `@zenlink-interface/ui`: Front-end basic UI library

  • `@zenlink-interface/wagmi`: Wagmi encapsulation library

  • `@zenlink-interface/smart-router`: Aggregation routing library


  • `@token-price`: Token price API

  • `@path-finder`: Aggregation routing API, with parameters including `chainId`, `fromTokenId`, `toTokenId`, `gasPrice`, `amount`, `to`, `priceImpact`, and returns including specific paths and parameters required for interaction contracts

Developers can refer to the Zenlink Development Kit Integration Guide on GitHub to learn how to build an app based on the Zenlink DEX protocol:

How do we do it more decentralized?

To achieve more decentralization, all code related to fetching chain data, calculation, API, timing services, and interaction contracts (modules) is open source and deployed through the Vercel platform. Developers can submit PRs or issues to discuss functions, fix bugs, and address potential risks.

What are the benefits of using the ZDK?

The Zenlink Development Kit offers several benefits to developers:

  • Facilitates the integration of the Zenlink protocol by providing encapsulated packages, avoiding redundant development, and reducing development costs.

  • Enables developers to use APIs to obtain swap data, without requiring an understanding of the underlying protocol data and path calculation.

  • Facilitates developers to build custom apps or modules on top of the Zenlink DEX protocol.

Branding Terms

The Zenlink Development Kit is fully open source and is available for any individual or collective to build a DEX integrated into the Zenlink DEX Protocol or fork a DEX. It is licensed under the LGPL and you need to keep the footnote "Powered by Zenlink" when you build with it.

Please refer to the license section on the Github repository for instructions and follow the terms.

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