DAO Governance

We embrace decentralization and DAO governance.

With the continuous development of the project, Zenlink will usher in the token listing, mainnet launch and other important milestones, so the team decided to take the lead in starting the bootstrapping governance of ZenlinkDAO.

The ZenlinkDAO Governance Committee will have a number of initial governance member seats, one of which will be held by the Zenlink Foundation. The Zenlink Foundation will select the initial holders of the remaining seats and will seek diversified representatives, including key community members, strategic partners and investors committed to building Zenlink. In the future, the committee will guide ZenlinkDAO to gradually turn into a completely decentralized organization.

At the same time, we also welcome all projects, crypto communities, KOL, media and institutions that are willing to contribute to the construction of Zenlink to join ZenlinkDAO, to build a better Web3.0 world together.

What will ZenlinkDAO governance members get in return?

ZenlinkDAO governance members will have the following benefits:

  • Get one limited edition ZenlinkNFT (Guardian Edition) with multiple benefits, click here to see more details.

  • Control the initial capital pool of ZenlinkDAO.

  • Participate and play a decisive role in the decision-making of the future development direction of Zenlink.

  • Get ZLK tokens in return. ……

How do I apply to become a member of the ZenlinkDAO Bootstrapping Governance Board?

If you have ideas for this, please contact us at apollo@zenlink.pro.

ZenlinkDAO initial governance board members

The first ZenlinkDAO initial governance board members have now been announced, for more details:


Proposals (ZIP)


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