Boost & Claim

Boost Rewards

If you have already locked veZLK before providing LP, your LP rewards will automatically get a boost.

On the add liquidity page, you can see the amount of ZLK you need to lock for different durations to achieve the maximum level (2.5x) LP reward boost.

If you locked veZLK after providing LP, you need to manually trigger the reward boost by following these steps.

Method 1: Trigger All Rewards Boost at Once (Boost All)

Visit, switch to the "My Position" tab, and click the "Boost All" button.

Method 2: Trigger Rewards for a Single Liquidity Pool

Go to the details page of the liquidity pool where you have added LP, scroll to the "My Rewards" tab, and click the "Boost" button at the bottom.

Claim Rewards

In Zenlink Eden, you can claim three types of rewards (depending on your executed strategy):

  • LP Rewards

  • YT Interest and Rewards

  • veZLK Voting Rewards

The entry points for claiming these rewards differ. Below are the detailed instructions for each reward entry point.

Entry Point 1: Eden Market - My Position - Claim All (this entry point allows you to claim all "LP Rewards" and "YT Interest and Rewards" from all pools with one click)

Entry Point 2: Go to the liquidity pool details page - My Rewards tab - "Redeem All" (this entry point allows you to claim "LP Rewards" and "YT Interest and Rewards" related to that specific liquidity pool)

Entry Point 3: Gauge - Claim (this entry point is only for veZLK voters to claim protocol trading fee shares)

Note: Each Epoch will snapshot veZLK votes, and the accumulated fee income from each pool will be distributed in DOT tokens to veZLK voters every 4-5 weeks.

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