Liquidity (Add & Remove)

Zenlink Eden allows you to add liquidity (LP) to liquidity pools and earn yield. You can view the different pools' maturity dates and total liquidity on the page.

Additionally, you can check the current yield for providing liquidity (Zenlink LP Yield APY) on the pool's details page. The Zenlink LP Yield APY will vary based on veZLK holders' votes for the pool. More veZLK votes directing incentives to the pool will increase its APY (as the pool will receive more ZLK incentives).

Liquidity providers earn returns from multiple sources:

  • Fixed yield from PT in the pool

  • Protocol rewards from the underlying tokens

  • Trading fees

  • ZLK incentives

Below are detailed tutorials for adding/removing liquidity.


  1. Visit Zenlink Eden Market:

  1. Select the pool you want to add liquidity (LP) to.

  1. Switch to the Add tab. You can choose to use the Zap In mode (single asset input) or the Manual mode (yield-bearing asset + PT input) to add liquidity to the pool. Here, we use Zap In with "zero price impact" enabled as an example.

① Zero Price Impact Zap In

On Zenlink Eden, users can activate the "zero price impact" mode, ensuring no price impact when providing liquidity to PT/SY pools. Typically, when adding liquidity, a portion of the underlying asset is used to buy PT from the PT/SY pool, and the remainder is wrapped as SY. However, buying PT might cause a price impact.

When "zero price impact" mode is enabled, the underlying asset is entirely wrapped as SY, a portion is used to mint PT and YT, and PT and the remaining SY are used to provide liquidity. The YT is returned to the user's wallet, eliminating the step of buying PT and avoiding potential price impacts.

② Manual

Manually provide equivalent value yield-bearing tokens (which the protocol will help convert to SY) and PT to the liquidity pool.

  1. Choose the asset to add to the liquidity pool via "Zap In" and enter the amount.

  1. Confirm the information, click the Add button, approve, and submit the transaction.

You have successfully added liquidity (LP) and will receive some YT in your wallet (due to using zero price impact Zap In). You can view your LP position in the "My Position" tab at


Removing liquidity follows the opposite process of adding liquidity, offering Zap Out mode (removing LP and receiving yield-bearing assets) and Manual mode (removing LP and receiving yield-bearing assets + PT). You can choose the appropriate method based on your needs. Here, we use Zap Out as an example.

  1. To remove LP, switch to the relevant liquidity pool page. You can manually select the pool you added LP to from the homepage and enter its details page, or select the related liquidity pool from the "My Position" tab on the homepage.

  1. Once on the details page, switch to the Remove tab and select Zap Out mode (default). Then, choose the LP to remove and enter the amount. Verify the information, click the Remove button, approve, and submit the transaction.

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