Follow our plan, step by step.
The roadmap is one of the important guides for the community members to understand the progress of the project, here is the latest roadmap of Zenlink, you can also visit our website to view it at


2023 Q1
Chain-driven decentralized deployment solutions
  • Finish Zenlink Deployment Kits development
  • Integrate more Parachain and use the new deployment paradigm to complete the integration of Zenlink DEX with Parachain
2023 Q2
Full-chain liquidity aggregation phase 1
  • Finish prototyping Zenlink Mega Aggregator v1
  • Integrating aggregator functionality into Zenlink DEX
  • Enable new Zenlink DEX DApp main site and complete migration
  • Enable Zenlink DEX DApp on Mobile
2023 Q3
Full-chain liquidity aggregation phase 2
  • Optimized protocol with gas consumption, order splitting, upgrade to Zenlink Mega Aggregator v2
  • Enable the Governance module and combine it to boost Zenlink Mega Aggregator usage
  • Combining XCM's latest advances to attempt Parachain liquidity aggregation within the Polkadot ecosystem
2023 Q4
  • Launch the Zenlink Incubator to support talented teams that build around Web3 infrastructure


2022 Q1
Build Zenlink DexConnect v1
  • Achieve Hybrid AMM
  • Achieve Zenlink DEX SDK v1
2022 Q2
Build ZLK Matrix
  • Launch ZLK Governance v1
  • Launch Farming v3
  • Launch Zenlink DAO NFT
2022 Q3
Upgrade network infrastructure to enhance user experience
  • Enable Zenlink DEX DApp on Mobile
  • Achieve X-Transfer v2
  • Integrating More Parachains
2022 Q4
Bringing composability and interoperability with more DeFi Modules
  • Build at least one structured product
  • Implement compositions with other DeFi modules (e.g. Privacy DEX)


  • Test on Rococo (only 1 parachain)
  • Build Zenlink DEX Aggregator Prototype
  • Complete 1st Cross-chain DEX Test
  • Launch 1st Public Test (with 4 parachains)
  • Launch Zenlink SlotVault
  • Achieve Zenlink DEX Aggregator&Smart Order Routing SDK
  • Achieve Zenlink DEX DApp
  • Launch 2nd Public Test
  • Launch Zenlink on Kusama (integrate to Plasm / Bifrost / Moonbeam)
  • Tokenomic Lightpaper Release
  • Launch Zenlink on Polkadot
  • Open Resource
  • Start DEX Composable Between Each Parachains
  • Start Zenlink Builder Program


  • Build Zenlink DEX Procotol Prototype
  • Publish Zenlink Whitepaper v0.1
  • Achieve three implementations(Module / WASM / EVM)
  • Deliver two Web3 Grants