Minting is the process of splitting underlying yield-bearing assets into PT + YT. Using vDOT as an example, the split pathway is vDOT → SY-vDOT → PT-vDOT + YT-vDOT.

Follow these steps to mint:

  1. Visit Zenlink Eden Market:

  2. Select your desired asset type and maturity date

  1. Switch to the Mint tab

  1. Select the asset you want to split (mint) into PT + YT and enter the amount

  1. Confirm the information, click "Mint," approve the transaction, and complete the minting process!


To redeem PT + YT back into the underlying yield-bearing asset, use the "Redeem" function and follow similar steps. Switch to the Redeem tab, select the PT and YT you want to redeem into the underlying yield-bearing asset, and enter the amount. Verify the information, click "Redeem," approve, and submit the transaction.

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