Install PolkadotJS

Install PolkadotJS

PolkadotJS is installed to use Zenlink DEX on Bifrost

Step1: Install the extension from here and click "Download" and import the extension.

Step2: Open the Polkadot.js extension and click "+", then you can see the following options.

Create new account: You can make a new account from 12 seed phrase. Derive from an account: You can make a new account from your existing account. The same seed phrase is used to make another account. Import account from pre-existing seed: If you are using other wallets such as Polkawallet and Fearless wallet, you can import your account to Polkadot.js by using the pre-existing seed phrase. Restore account from backup JSON file: Another way to restore an account is to use a JSON backup file.

Step3: Click "Create new account" and check the seed phases, then check the blank and click "Next step".

If you already have an account, you can import the account by using seed phrase or a JSON file.

Please never share the seed phrase and keep it in a safe place!!!

Step4: Decide your account name and password, then click "Add the account with the generated seed".

Here, you have completed the creation of your account and your address can be used for all Polkadot networks such as Astar and Kusama. Native Substrate address starts from 5 and Polkadot address starts from 1.

The following tutorial will be released when Zenlink goes live.

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