Zenlink's frequently asked questions

Zenlink is a cross-chain DEX network based on Polkadot, which is committed to building an ultimate, open, and universal cross-chain DEX protocol for building DEX on Polkadot with one-click.

A more graphic expression would be that Zenlink is the one-stop shop for trading Polkadot assets, the DEX Composable Hub between all parachains.

In general, Zenlink DEX Network consists of the following parts:

  • Zenlink DEX Protocol

  • Zenlink DEX DApp

  • Zenlink Token

What is Zenlink

Zenlink native token is $ZLK, which provides a fair and transparent governance mechanism and reasonable value capture methods to incentivize ecosystem users to participate in long-term network development.


Why no public sales?

Zenlink received a $1.1M angel investment led by Hashkey in September 2020 and completed Series A funding in September 2021.

The team has no plans to raise funds other than those needed to support the development of the project, so a public sale is not contemplated and will distribute $ZLK tokens in a more equitable manner, such as liquidity mining.

How to get ZLK?

There are several ways to get $ZLK:

  • Participate in the giveaway events launched by Zenlink and its partners. Zenlink has already launched several giveaway events till now, and rewards for the giveaways held prior to the launch of Zenlink have all been distributed. There will be more events in the future, stay tuned!

  • Locking in DOT/KSM through Zenlink SlotVault to support Zenlink's partner bid slots will complete a portion of the ZLK distribution in that session. The benefit to users is the ability to receive both token distributions from parachain projects bidding for slots and ZLK airdrops. (Ended)

  • Participate in ZLK liquidity mining, trading mining (Paused), and invite to earn (Paused). 50% of ZLK tokens will be distributed to the community, which will be done through liquidity mining, trading mining, etc.

  • Join the Zenlink DAO Governance Organization. ZenlinkDAO bootstrapping governance has been launched and ZenlinkDAO governance board members can make suggestions on Zenlink's development plans and participate in ZLK liquidity mining in the early stages. (Ended)

  • Buy ZLK in the open market. You can purchase ZLK through the following channels:

Currently, the Zenlink team is mainly based in China and Singapore, and all team members have many years of experience in the blockchain industry. Its core members come from imToken and are also early supporters of Polkadot.

At the same time, Zenlink is seeking members from the U.S., Australia, and Europe, and is committed to building an international team to expand its global influence.

You can follow our co-founder Leo on Twitter: https://twitter.com/guohuifei.

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