Due to the benefit of Polkadot's advanced architecture, parachains can achieve features with different tech stacks, even their own consensus. Implementing or importing a pallet is the most common way to achieve a feature.

Zenlink implements the Module version of Zenlink DEX Protocol which enables parachains to access DEX capabilities and share liquidity with other parachains quickly.

Zenlink DEX Module mainly consists of two parts:

  • Assets, namely Zenlink Assets.

  • Asset Operations, namely Zenlink Actions.

Through the UAI(Unified Asset Identifier) and MultiAssetsHandler interfaces, Zenlink can perform swap and transfer any asset on parachains by XCM.

For more setup and test details, please find Module on the following page:


The Module implementation is supported by Web3 Grants. See more details:

pageWeb3 Foundation Grants Program

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