Using Zenlink DEX

Using Zenlink DEX on Moonriver
You can choose which parachain you will use Zenlink DEX via the network switch button at the top of the DApp. on EVM compatible chains such as Moonriver and Shiden you will mainly use MetaMask, on Bifrost you will use PolkadotJS.
Step 1: Use the PC browser that has installed the MetaMask wallet and completed the add Moonriver network to visit Zenlink DEX DApp.
Step 2: Click the "Connect" button in the upper left corner to connect to the MetaMask wallet, and then click the network switch button at the top to switch to the "Kusama" network.


Step 1: After the above steps are completed, the page stays in the "Swap" interface by default. Currently, Zenlink DEX has created two liquidity pools: TKSM/TUSDT and TKSM/TMOVR, which can switch between the above two trading pairs for direct Swap operation.
Step 2: Select any supported token pair or related party pair, then enter the swap amount, click "Approve" - "Swap" - "Confirm" and sign in your wallet to perform the swap operation.

Add/Remove Liquidity

Step 1: Click "Pool" button in the left sidebar to enter the liquidity operation interface, and then click "Add Liquidity"
Step 2: Select the standard version or single-token, input the appropriate amount or quantity, click "Supply" button, sign in the wallet and submit the transaction
Step 3: Wait for the transaction to be completed, and check whether the added liquidity share shows normal, and then you can click "Remove" button to remove liquidity.
Step 4: Click "Remove" button and go to the following page, drag the progress bar to enter the liquidity share you want to remove in the box, and then click "Approve" and "Remove" button to complete the liquidity removal.


Note: Bootstrap is designed to help bootstrap liquidity of a token pair, enabling liquidity pools to be created with greater capital efficiency during initial allocation and price discovery. It will separate the process of price changes, pair allocation, and liquidity construction, thus creating more reasonable exchange rates before trading, effectively avoiding pre-emptive trading, etc.

Contribute to the Bootstrap pool

Step 1: Go to Zenlink DEX DApp and click on "Bootstrap" to enter the interface, then find the Bootstrap pool you want to participate in and click on "+Bootstrap" in the upper right corner
Step 2: Select "Both" or "Single-Token" to add liquidity and enter the corresponding amount you want to supply to the Bootstrap pool (here is an example of the "Single-Token" model)
Step 3: Approve the token and click "Supply" button (when Approve is complete, the "Supply" button will turn red) as below and sign in your wallet to submit the transaction
At this point, you have completed your contribution to the Bootstrap pool, just wait for the Bootstrapping to end and claim your LP tokens and rewards (if the Bootstrapping fails, you will be able to claim all the tokens you have supplied)

Claim LP tokens and Bootstrap rewards

Step 1: Check "Ended" on the Bootstrap page to find the Bootstrap pool you have contributed, then click on the "Claim" button in the upper right corner
Step 2: Click the "Claim" button in the pop-up window again after confirming that the information is correct, then sign and submit the transaction in the wallet
Wait a bit and you will be able to view your LP token balance and claimed rewards in your wallet after the transaction is completed.
Next, you can stake your LP tokens in the farming pool and start earning more rewards. For farming tutorials, you can learn here.
P.s. after claiming LP tokens, you can also see your share of liquidity on the Pool page.

View Transaction History

You can click on the icon at the top of the interface to view your transaction history