User Guide

Start your Polkadot DeFi journey with Zenlink DEX.

In this section, we will show you how to use Zenlink DEX (actually, if you are a DeFi user, it is obviously very easy).

You can choose which parachain you will use Zenlink DEX via the network switch button at the top of the DApp. On EVM compatible chains such as Moonriver and Shiden you will mainly use MetaMask, on Bifrost you will use PolkadotJS.

Overall, you will follow the following process to experience Zenlink DEX in its entirety, it contains very detailed tutorials, you can read them in the following order or feel free to jump to the section you want to view, ENJOY!

In addition, the infographic below will help you better understand how to use Zenlink DEX, so be sure to go through the chart in its entirety to try to sort out the complete process.

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