What is X-Transfer?

X-Transfer is a new feature of Zenlink, which integrates cross-chain and token transfer functions and will be a great convenience for the community. Overall, it contains two parts: cross-chain and token transfer.


The Cross-Chain module mainly consists of two types of cross-chain bridges, Substrate<>Substrate bridge and EVM<>Substrate bridge. The Zenlink team will gradually improve and enrich its services to provide one-stop cross-chain bridge services for the community.

Substrate<>Substrate Bridge

According to the plan, we will have a queue to support cross-chain services between different Substrate native parachains, as outlined below.
  • Bifrost<>Kusama Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports KSM cross-chain transfer between Bifrost parachains and the Kusama network.
  • Bifrost<>Karura Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports cross-chain transfer between Bifrost network assets and Karura network assets (cross-chain transfers for ZLK will be available soon).
  • Kusama<>Moonriver Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports KSM cross-chain transfer from Kusama to Moonriver and display as xcKSM on Moonriver.
  • Statemine>Moonriver Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports fungible tokens on Statemine to cross-chain to the Moonriver network via HRMP and exist as XC-20s. For example, the RMRK token on Statemine is migrated to Moonriver and then used as xcRMRK.
  • Statemine>Bifrost Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports fungible tokens on Statemine (like RMRK) to cross-chain to Bifrost Network via HRMP.
  • Kintsugi<>Moonriver Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports KINT (and soon kBTC) cross-chain transfer from Kintsugi to Moonriver (also xcKINT cross-chain transfer from Moonriver to Kintsugi) and display as xcKINT on Moonriver.
  • Karura<>Moonriver Cross-Chain Bridge Service (enabled): supports KAR cross-chain transfer from Karura to Moonriver (also xcKAR cross-chain transfer from Moonriver to Karura) and display as xcKAR on Moonriver.
  • Bifrost<>Phala Cross-Chain Bridge Service (coming soon): supports cross-chain transfer between Bifrost network assets and Phala network assets.
  • Bifrost<>Statemine Cross-Chain Bridge Service (coming soon): supports cross-chain transfer between Bifrost network assets and Statemine assets.
  • More cross-chain bridge services between Substrate parachains will be added…

EVM<>Substrate Bridge

The cross-chain transfer between EVM and Substrate has been desired by the dotsama community, and once the technology is mature Zenlink will also integrate this cross-chain bridge service to bring convenience to the community, more details are as follows.
  • Moonriver<>Bifrost Cross-Chain Bridge Service (coming soon): supports cross-chain transfer between Moonriver network assets and Bifrost network assets (ZLK cross-chain transfer between Moonriver network and Bifrost network will also be implemented in this phase).
  • More cross-chain bridge services between EVM and Substrate will be added…

Token Transfer

As we all know, the EVM chain and EVM compatible chains have a well-established infrastructure that allows users to transfer tokens with little friction through wallet extensions or mobile wallets. However, since Substrate is still in a high development phase, it is not as convenient for users to transfer tokens. Although users can transfer tokens through PolkadotJS or tools provided by para chains (DApp, etc.), there is still a lot of friction for users to complete token transfers as they are fragmented and mostly separate from DEX.
Therefore, Zenlink has also integrated this feature in the X-Transfer module, and we believe that integrating it in DEX will make token transfers smoother and more articulable for users.
Currently, Zenlink DEX already supports Bifrost network assets in X-Transfer with one click to transfer and view balance, it also includes all assets that cross-chain to the Bifrost network such as KSM, KAR, kUSD, etc., so users will be able to easily transfer these assets to another account and trade in Zenlink DEX.
This is an overview of the X-Transfer feature. Although it is still being improved, we can’t wait to bring this news to the community and serve all the dotsama community users. We will get better and better, as our slogan says, Make DEX easier, for more people!

How to use X-Transfer to transfer tokens between parachains (or between relaychain and parachain)?

Before making a cross-chain transfer, make sure you have enough native token balance on the source chain for the cross-chain transfer, and set aside a small amount of tokens for cross-chain network fees. (The following tutorial is an example of transferring KSM from the Kusama relaychain to the Moonriver network)
Step 1: Go tohttps://dex.zenlink.pro/#/swap, connect PolkadotJS and Metamask wallets and find the "X-transfer" module on the Swap page, keep the default "Cross-chain" option.
Step 2: Select the token "KSM" and select the Source chain and Destination chain as Kusama and Moonriver respectively, then enter the amount you want to cross-chain. (Make sure you have the balance of KSM on the Kusama network in your PolkadotJS account)
Step 3: Enter the Moonriver address as the xcKSM receiving address, confirm the information is correct and click the Transfer button below, then sign in PolkadotJS to submit the transaction.
Wait a while, once the cross-chain transfer is complete you will be able to view your xcKSM balance in Moonscan, or you can click on the wallet icon in the top right corner of the Zenlink app and select Moonriver parachain to view your xcKSM balance.
Finally, you can use xcKSM to participate in LP faming on Zenlink and earn rewards, enjoy!


Q: Can I cross-chain my assets to my CEX account?
A: No, please do not enter your CEX deposit address when cross-chaining, since cross-chain transfers are not the same type as regular transfers, so it will not be recognized and accepted by CEX, and it may result in the loss of your assets. When you click on "+ Recipient" in X-Transfer's “Cross-chain” module to enter your address, we will prompt you for it, please follow it.
If you still want to do this, we recommend that you first cross-chain your assets to your account on the target chain and then deposit your assets to CEX using the target chain's official transfer tool, e.g.
Q: Does the "Transfer" apply to tokens transfer on any parachain?
A: No, "Transfer" only supports Bifrost in-chain transfers. In addition, we still want to remind you of the following.
  • "Transfer" only supports Bifrost in-chain transfers.
  • Transfers to CEX accounts will not be supported for Bifrost parachain assets other than BNC, please do not enter a CEX deposit address.
  • Please always make sure that the receiving address matches the transfer network.
Q: How to check if I receive xcKSM?
A: As XC-20 Token has just gone live and we are working on integrating the transaction records into the DApp dashboard until then you can check if you have received your xcKSM in two ways.
1) With the EVM wallet receiving xcKSM connected in the Zenlink DEX DApp, click the "Wallet" button in the upper right corner to check the xcKSM balance.
2) Visit https://moonriver.moonscan.io/token/0xffffffff1fcacbd218edc0eba20fc2308c778080 and check the xcKSM balance by entering the address of the receiving xcKSM in the lookup box below.