Zenlink Community NFT

We explore more use cases where NFT can be combined with community members.

NFT is an interesting topic, and Zenlink is committed to more meaningful exploration around NFT.

What do we think about NFT?

  • NFT will standardize data assets, including digital artwork, collectibles, virtual world assets, etc., and is also being explored for non-crypto-native real assets on the chain, which will make the digital economy more vibrant and full of life.

  • NFT will be able to build new types of digital identities and reputations for users, enabling them to make more direct connections with other organizations or brands, and form new social networks and communities based on them.

  • When NFT can better serve as an intermediary medium for brands to connect with communities, the combination of NFT and governance will become justified, and building new digital identities and reputations for users based on NFT will make the membership of DAOs more reasonable and community governance more efficient.

  • With the gradual promotion and popularization of NFT, solving the liquidity of NFT will become the primary problem, and DEX will play an important role in the circulation of NFT.


Based on the above thinking, Zenlink plans to launch its NFT and explore its combination with the new community membership system.

For us, NFT is more an experience of the product than the product itself, and NFT identity and reputation connect people to each other to form membership, which in turn drives the community to create new experiences and products to strengthen user identity.

Specifically, Zenlink will issue a set of limited edition community NFTs with the community and economic attributes. We will cooperate with relevant platforms to complete the creation of our NFT.


Total supply: 1000

  • Guardian edition: 200

  • Explorer edition: 800


Zenlink limited edition community NFT will all be distributed to community members for free with two issuing ways: targeted issuance and non-targeted issuance, and 36% of the total supply will be issued in the Genesis stage.

  • Targeted issuance (Guardian edition) is mainly aimed at Zenlink community guardians and other community contributors (such as product testing feedback, quality proposal initiators, and other outstanding community contributors).

  • Non-targeted issuance (Explorer edition) will be distributed in combination with Zenlink major milestones such as Zenlink beta version testing.

Attributes and Interests

Zenlink will endow the limited edition community NFT with the community and economic attributes, so holders will be able to obtain certain rights and interests.

  • Economic attribute: NFT is not issued for hype, but as it is limited, exquisitely designed, and has a strong binding relationship with the future development of Zenlink, the NFT will have the following economic attributes and rights, and interests.

    • Value-added attribute: Zenlink will invite well-known artists to design our community NFT and carry out the issuance in a limited way. Holding the NFT card means that you have a limited edition of NFT art, which will have more room for appreciation as the project develops.

    • Governance rights: Zenlink plans to establish a DAO organization that will control a separate fund pool in the future. Zenlink limited edition community NFT holders will have higher priority to join this DAO organization; DAO members will have the right to initiate DAO fund pool allocation proposal.

    • Airdrop rights: users will have the opportunity to win NFT by participating in the testing of Zenlink DEX Beta version. NFT holders will have access to ZLK airdrop rights. Details will be announced soon, please stay tuned.

    • Other rights: Zenlink limited edition community NFT holders will also have access to Zenlink official peripheral products.

  • Community Honor attribute: NFT can create a new identity, reputation and it is a kind of self-expression for users. We compare it to Community Building Medal. Holding NFT means that the holder is recognized by the community as an outstanding community contributor and will enjoy higher rights in the Zenlink ecosystem.

    • We plan to establish a Zenlink NFT community and invite NFT holders to join the Telegram/Discord private group. NFT holders will have different special identities within this group. Zenlink will initiate meetings in this group from time to time to discuss topics such as project development, community building, NFT integration and so on. NFT holders will get the latest developments and news about the project.

Issue Progress

Now, Explorer edition NFT has finished sending two batches, for more details:

1st batch (97): since 3 of the Top100 in Zenlink's 1st public test did not complete signature verification, only 97 people met the criteria.

2nd batch (80+24): in the second NFT supplemental issue, only 24 of the 40 NFTs were drawn due to low participation.

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