Reward Rules

Zenlink SlotVault will provide ZLK as an additional incentive for users who participate in the crowdloan of our supported projects (Manta Network/Clover Finance/ChainX/Crust Network).

The ZLK incentives involved in SlotVault take the slot auction batches of Kusama/Polkadot as the cycle and are divided into four categories based on the amount of crowdloan. In the case of successful bidding for slots for a parachain project supported by Zenlink, the rewards for each category are as follows:

  • The first category: the total amount of crowdloan < 1,000 KSM. If the total amount of crowdloan participating in the project through SlotVault is less than the minimum incentive threshold of 1,000 KSM, then the user will not be able to get any ZLK reward.

  • The second category: 1,000 KSM ≤ total amount of crowdloan< 5,000 KSM. If the total amount of crowdloan participating in the project through SlotVault is greater than or equal to 1,000 KSM and less than 5,000 KSM, then each KSM will be rewarded with 3 ZLK.

  • The third category: 5,000 KSM ≤ total amount of crowdloan < 25,000 KSM. If the total amount of crowdloan participating in the project through SlotVault is greater than or equal to 5,000 KSM and less than 25,000 KSM, then each KSM will be rewarded with 4 ZLK.

  • The fourth category: the total amount of crowdloan ≥ 25,000 KSM. If the total amount of crowdloan participating in the project through SlotVault is greater than or equal to 25,000 KSM, then a contributor’s reward is determined based on that individual’s proportional contribution to the total number of KSM tokens in the crowdloan at auction close, for example, Your ZLK Rewards = (Your KSM Contribution From SlotVault/Total KSM Contributions From SlotVault) * 150,000 ZLK.


  • The above rules are for a single parachain project rather than all parachain projects.

  • If the SlotVault supported project fails to secure the slots, as long as the total amount of crowdloan for the project through SlotVault participation is greater than or equal to 1000 KSM to make each KSM receive a ZLK reward; otherwise, there is no ZLK award.

  • Reward release rule: 50% will be released immediately when Zenlink DEX DApp goes live and the current round of slot auctions ends, and the remaining 50% will need to be unlocked in the first month of ZLK launch after your Zenlink DEX DApp transaction volume reaches $1,000 or the injected liquidity exceeds $5,000. The unlocking time is one month from the date of the ZLK launch.

Take Calamari Network, the leading network of Manta Network, as an example. The expected incentive for users to vote for Calamari Network through SlotVault is 1 KSM = 10000 KMA + x ZLK (the KMA incentive rule comes from the official release of Manta Network). If the final Calamari Network succeeds in bidding for the slot, and the crowdloan amount of the user participating in the project through SlotVault is greater than or equal to 5,000 KSM and less than 25,000 KSM, the corresponding ZLK award quantity is x=4.

Calamari (Manta) incentive mechanism

Calamari Network is the leading network of Manta Network, a privacy-focused project building on Polkadot.

After the successful auction, Calamari Network plans to provide on-chain privacy services for the entire Kusama DeFi network, and its early products include: privacy payment MariPay, privacy-focued decentralized AMM trading platform MariSwap and so on.

Parachain slot auction plan:

  • A maximum of 3 billion KMA will be awarded to KSM contributors, accounting for 30 per cent of the initial total supply of KMA. Calamari will use the ladder ceiling to design the award ceiling.

  • Each locked KSM supporting Calamari slot auction will receive a fixed 10,000 KMA as a reward. Users' rewards for KMA will not change with the total number of KSM that supports Calamari.

  • In addition, the top 1,000 contributors will receive additional KMA awards: the top 500 contributors will receive 10 percent additional awards; the top 501 to 1000 contributors will receive 5 percent additional awards.


Crowdloan strategy:

Sakura (Clover Finance) incentive mechanism

Sakura is the leading network of Clover Finance, a Substrate-based parachain building on Polkadot, which is providing an easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure and creating an one-stop integrated infrastructure platform to reduce barriers and costs for developers and bring substantial returns to developers.

Parachain slot auction plan:

  • There will be at least 150 SKU per KSM for crowdloan contributors, and up to a maximum of 210 SKU per KSM depending on the result of the crowdloan.

  • There will also be a 5% extra bonus for the first 1,000 participants of the crowdloan if Sakura secures a parachain slot.

  • Sakura has set their maximum cap raise amount to 100,000 KSM. After this mark has been met, no more KSM bids will be eligible.

  • There is a minimum bid amount of 0.1 KSM per contribution Sakura will be bidding for a maximum of 8 lease periods, which means a 48 week parachain slot auction bid.


Crowdloan strategy:

SherpaX (ChainX) incentive mechanism

SherpaX is the leading network of ChainX on Kusama. ChainX is the earliest project launched on Polkadot that is dedicated to the development and research of BTC Layer 2 expansion, digital asset gateway, and Polkadot secondary relay chain, with an aim to achieve cross-chain asset exchange and lead the new direction of Bitcoin Cross-DeFi.

Parachain slot auction plan:

SherpaX has launched its crowdloan and announced the latest auction award program on August 20 which increases the reward significantly.

  • 10 KSX bonus for every 1 KSM locked.

  • Quota bonus, that is, the more KSM locked, the more ladder bonus.

  • Invitation bonus, 5% bonus for inviters and invitees.

  • Extra reward, 5 KSX bonus for every 1 KSM

  • Reward limited edition digital identity CID NFT, the earlier you participate and the larger the lock-in amount, the scarcer the CID NFT you get.

SherpaX will initially issue 21 million KSX in the form of IAO (Initial Airdrop Offering), of which 20 percent will be used for community autonomy and 80 percent for Kusama parachain slots auction, followed by an additional 10 percent issuance per year. KSX is not locked and will be released at one time after the parachain launched.


Crowdloan strategy:

Crust Shadow (Crust Network) incentive mechanism

Crust Shadow is the parallel network of Crust on Kusama network.

Crust aims to build a distributed cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership. Crust provides a decentralized storage network for the Web3 ecosystem, supports a variety of storage layer protocols, including IPFS, and provides interfaces to the application layer. Crust's technology stack can also support decentralized computing layers.

Parachain slot auction plan:

Crust will launch the crowdloan on August 30th and end on October 6th, covering all 5 auction periods. Our goal for the upcoming crowdloan is to reach 80,000 KSM in contributions.

Contributor Rewards:

1 KSM : 1 CRU + 1,000 CSM

Crust plans to bid for 8 consecutive lease periods. If the bidding is successful, the contributor’s KSM will be locked until the end of the lease period, for a total of 48 weeks. Each KSM contributed to the crowdloan will receive 1 CRU and 1,000 CSM. The total reward pool is 80,000 CRU + 80 million CSM. 30% of the reward will be released immediately, and 10% will be released for each subsequent lease period (each 6 weeks).


Crowdloan strategy:

Centrifuge (Altair) incentive mechanism

Altair is the home for financing assets on Kusama. Altair combines the industry-leading infrastructure built by Centrifuge to finance real-world assets (RWA) on Centrifuge Chain, with the newest experimental features (before they even go live on the Centrifuge Chain). It is the network for users who want to test the boundaries of asset financing.

Parachain slot auction plan:

Altair has launched its crowdloan and announced an auction rewards program on Aug. 30.

  • Earn 400 AIR : 1 KSM

  • Early Birds earn an extra 10% bonus if you contribute KSM in the first 48 hours!

  • Referral bonus — earn an extra 5% bonus for both you and a friend.

  • One of the first 250 participants in the first? Keep your bonus in the second

  • Heavyweights get something extra special…If you contribute more than 10 KSM, we have a special surprise bonus for you. Stay tuned for the announcement — coming soon!

  • The Double trouble bonus: stake KSM to Altair and DOT to Centrifuge to get a bonus. Details TBA!*

25% of rewards to crowdloan participants will be liquid and the remaining will vest over the length of the parachain slot (48 weeks).

More information in our rewards post 👉 here.


Crowdloan strategy:

InterBTC (Kintsugi BTC) incentive mechanism

Interlay is a R&D company focusing on blockchain interoperability. Interlay envisions a future where blockchains seamlessly connect and interact. Interlay’s imminent mission is to make Bitcoin interoperable in a fully trustless and decentralized way. Founded by ex-Imperial College CS PhDs, our products are backed by top-tier scientific papers and collaborate with leading research labs and tech companies around the world.

InterBTC is Interlay’s flagship product - Bitcoin on any blockchain. A 1:1 Bitcoin-backed asset, fully collateralized, interoperable, and censorship-resistant. interBTC will be hosted as a Polkadot parachain and connected to Cosmos, Ethereum, and other major DeFi networks.

Kintsugi (kBTC) is interBTC’s canary network, a testnet with real economic value on Kusama. Kintsugi and interBTC share the same code base - with the difference that Kintsugi will always be 2-3 releases ahead of interBTC with more experimental features.

Parachain slot auction plan:

Kintsugi participates in the Kusama parachain auctions and supports a crowdloan to enable the community to vote.

Hard Facts:

  • Target slot: 6–10

  • Lease duration: 8 periods (maximum lease duration ~48 weeks)

  • Max. lockup target: 200 000 KSM

To participate in the crowdloan, you need to lock your KSM and vote for Kintsugi to become a parachain.

KINT tokens will be distributed to network participants, builders and early backers as airdrops and block-rewards. There will be no public sale or ICO.

Crowdloan Airdrop: 10% (1 million KINT) of the initial 4-year KINT supply

To create a proactive crowdloan process, Kintsugi features the following special airdrops:

  • Early Bird Bonus: 5% for first 3 days of crowdloan

  • Referral Bonus: 5% for the referrer and referred

  • Success Bonus: up to 100 000 additional KINT if specific KSM lockup targets are achieved.See table:

Success Bonus: additional KINT airdropped if KSM targets are achieved

Any KINT not used for the Core, Early, Referral and Success Airdrop will be distributed proportionally among all participants, further increasing the ratio of KINT per locked KSM.

Power User Bonus: 2% (200 000 KINT) of the initial 4-year KINT supply

To incentivize kBTC adoption, 200 000 KINT will be airdropped to crowdloan participants who then also run Vaults and mint kBTC on Kusama, once Kintsugi is live.

Bit.Country (Bit.Country Pioneer) incentive mechanism

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is an application framework and blockchain for user-created metaverses and games. Bit.Country enables everyone to start their own metaverse for their social groups using the 3D world, NFTs, play-to-earn & build communities to earn, and takes community engagement to a new decentralized dimension on Web3.0.

Bit.Country & Metaverse Network is disrupting the current creators’ value system built by web2.0, as traditional social platforms are harvesting the value from the community’s time, only distributing a portion of the profits to the creators while members are only being entertained, but not rewarded.

Bit.Country Pioneer Network (Application & Blockchain for Kusama), the pioneering network is the sister and canary platform for Kusama. Just as Bit.Country will serve as the de-facto metaverse portal of Polkadot, Bit.Country Pioneer will serve as the metaverse portal of Kusama.

Parachain slot auction plan:

As part of the crowdloan, we present an opportunity for those willing to back us by locking their KSM for 48 weeks to help us to secure a parachain slot on Kusama. The decentralized code on Kusama will return the KSM to you automatically after the loan expires.

In return, we will reward the contributors with 15% of the total supply of $NEER tokens, plus other interesting bonuses.

😇Base Reward

For each KSM you lock away for 48 weeks, you will receive at least 68 $NEER tokens on the Bit.Country Pioneer Network.

Bonus Reward 1 — Early Bird

The first 1000 participants will receive an extra 10% bonus.

Bonus Reward 2— Referral

If you refer someone and that person uses your referral code, both parties will receive an extra 5% bonus split (2.5% each) based on referred’s contribution.

🎉Bonus Reward 3— Land for Your Own Metaverse

We will gift you land block(s) if your contribution is qualified. This additional reward will enable you to launch your own metaverse for your friends, families, or communities without breaking the bank.

You can subdivide your land block(s) in your metaverse, sell or gift them to someone who deserves a space in your world. Check this for future land potential.

The details of land rewards for participants will be announced after we win the Kusama parachain auction.


Crowdloan strategy:

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