Participate Crowdloan

The guide to participating in Crowdloan via Zenlink SlotVault.

In this section, we will show you how to participate in parachain crowdloan through Zenlink SlotVault.

Before reading the guide below, you will first need to have a wallet account.

Connect Wallet

Step1: Visit using a PC browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc.) and click on Allow calls to Polkadot.js in the pop-up window (It will be accessible in mobile wallets and the list of supported wallets will be updated soon).

Step2: Click on Connect Wallet in the upper right corner and select an account to connect.

Step3: After successfully connecting the wallet, the interface will pop up a prompt, you need to check the blank and click "Accept" to accept the terms of service to proceed.

Step4: In the panel, select a parachain project that you want to support and click on "Contribute" to the right of it.

Step5: Enter the number of KSMs you want to support in the box above, confirm the supported project information, click "Contribute" after confirming it is correct, and finally sign in the wallet.

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